AVALON - By Josh Phillips

Welcome to The Lynch Vault

Welcome to The Lynch Vault, which is a repository of fan-made works based on Josh Phillips's amazing webcomic, Avalon.

For your Lynching pleasure, we have:

  • Avalon Statistics - Inspired by Sluggy Statistics, this tracks the number of times that each character has appeared, and is updated about once a week.
  • The Avalon Code - Inspired by the Geek Code, show others how much of a Lyncher you are with your Code.
  • Avalon in Color - While Avalon is usually a black and white strip, some fans take it upon themselves to color memorable or amusing strips. Also here are the Avalon strips that were originally in color.
  • Comic Music Videos - Videos using panels from Avalon.

Avalon and all related characters are ©1999-2004 Josh Phillips, other copyrights indicated as necessary. This site in no way intends to infringe on those copyrights.
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